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Max Happy : Bold, Bright and Vibrant Homes with Maximalism

Have you always been made to believe “less is more”. But known deep down in your heart that “More is more” in life!?

Well, then we’re here to inspire you and introduce “Maximalism” into your home – as an extension of You and as an expression of your real self!

What exactly do we mean by Maximalism, you ask?

Think of maximalism as the happier, brighter, cosier and well, the louder cousin of minimalism, it misbehaves and doesn’t follow any rules!

Maximalism is all of the following–

an attitude that ‘welcomes things in’

a mind-set that it embraces seeing the world with open eyes - it is the freedom to be you, making all that you create an expression of you and what you love.

an aesthetic style that’s is vibrant, expressive and fun.

But what Maximalism is not, is the ‘the opposite of minimalism’ – don’t confuse it with propagating ‘accumulation’. While minimalism is about editing, maximalism is definitely about adding, but these additions aren’t mindless and by no means are they meant to be random.

Maximalism is about surrounding yourself with memories - things that have a story and meaning for you.

But why should you want to bring this maximalism into your home?

Well, maximalism is making a slow but significant return (yes, it has had its days of glory earlier too) into homes and interior design. In a world where we are pushed more and more to be alike, there is a craving for bringing out our personalities, especially in spaces as personal as our homes.

It is even more relevant now in the ongoing pandemic, when we are looking to nest, to surround ourselves with memories and magic, with spaces that make us happy. And it is our home that gives us comfort and insulation from all the anxiety and stress of the outside world.

A ‘max’ home does just that - it brings in joy through a play with colours and patterns and intimacy with all things that resonate with you, to create a home that is uniquely you!

Hathi and Maximalism?

The best thing about Maximalism - No rules! There is no one way to create the style.

The only rule is to think from your heart :) Just add what you love.

And at Hathi, that’s exactly our mantra! If you love it and if it resonates with you, then it belongs - especially if it means tossing out conventions and rule books! :)

At heart, we are Maximalists , we love to let our imagination run, we are whimsical, curious about all that the world has to offer and aren’t very good with following rules! It helps us create.

Which is why our home collection is full of colour, optimistic prints and lots of texture!

A Play of Patterns and Colours

Sold? So, Lets See How You Can Unleash the “Maximalist” in You Into Your Home

Here are some tips we recommend you can use to bring joy, fun and oodles of personality into homes.

Be Bold, Be Bold

Fill up your life with colours! It’s what you need right now.

Begin with choosing a colour palette or fully embrace the colour palette that you already have in your life. Pick a basic palette that works for you and then make it bolder and brighter with accents to bring in a balance.

But remember, just like with all things good, don’t get carried away with Maximalism. You don’t want to make the space cluttered. Create a balance of colours by contrasting loud colours with softer pastels. A pastel wall gets a new lease of life with a bright piece of artwork. Don’t limit yourself to solids, bring in a happy mix of colour and pattern.

More is More

At its heart, Maximalism is an eclectic mix of colours, prints and statement pieces (we don’t mean expensive pieces but those around you that build “your story”). If there’s a pattern that you love or a colour you can’t live without, hold on to it!

Repeating patterns/colours helps create a symmetry. Artful mixing of patterns and textures is an easy way to add depth and all this adds up to building the multiple layers of visual interest that will bring the cosy, rich home feel.

Contrasts and Conversations

To get that elegantly lived-in feeling that makes us all dreamy eyed, the secret ingredient is ‘contrasts’. Mix the old with new. Combine large prints with small. Play with textures.

To create conversations between all the contrasting elements and draw connections that are meaningful, they need to come from your life - look within to create a space that is as unique as you. Remember YOU are the curator of this space, it’s your scrapbook of memories :)

Have Fun

If there had to be a rule to maximalism, well it would be to have fun! Give your heart the reigns and give the brain a rest, break rules and think outside the box.

Accessorize your space but give it a fun twist.

For instance, if you are a book-lover, maximalism is for you. This is your chance to keep your books where you like them, literally. Stack them up in a shelf to show-off your collection but don’t limit yourself, have some fun. Use your books as a table or stack up your favourites next to your favourite corner in the home and build around it.

Or else, put your art on display, the more the better. Make a gallery wall or make your favourite painting a part of your seating. Remember to connect the dots through colours and patterns.

You can also bring nature indoors. Plants can be your best friend in finding the balance to get that perfect look! In fact the more the merrier!

You get the drift, right? You can do anything along these lines, which resonates with you.


A house becomes a home when it grows and evolves with you. And homes are never finished, they change with our lives, as we surround ourselves with memories in the form of objects and pieces.

The power of Maximalism is in enabling our homes to grow with us and bring joy, make us happy, cozy and confident.

But remember, we are all different. Some of us feel happier surrounded with all our things, and some of us like spare, quiet rooms. Trends come and go, but following your heart is always in vogue.

So, follow your heart whether it leads you towards minimalism or maximalism or somewhere in between, because living like someone else is like being a guest in your own home, and there’s nothing worse!

Check out our Home collection on our website here.

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I needed to read this. As somebody who wants to be a minimalist, the idea never sat well when it came to home decor. Minimal homes feel very cold and impersonal to me. And now I can justify it! 😉

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