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Hello! I am the chief doodler and founder of Hathi.

My biography would probably be 'Lost chasing butterflies'.

Say Hi! if you want to talk to me about Hathi, Harry Potter or anything else ;) You can find me on the Hathi Social Media Channels

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Hathi is born of three great loves – doodling, clothes and elephants! 

Truthfully, Hathi began with a bee sting. With a stung finger (middle!) and a heavy heart, I went back to work and doodled a bee. And that was a moment of inspiration, not for me, for my mother who came up with the idea. 


In a world that is dominated by the masses, I wanted to create a print - focused brand for creative-minded individuals to be able to express their uniqueness, without having to shout it from the rooftops :) 

Hathi’s aesthetic is rooted in re-imagining the ordinary and the mundane - whether a bee that stings or a bull on the road, we like to give it a fresh Hathi spin in our prints - after all different, makes all the difference. 


Hathi’s focus is to create the perfect blend of art and style - our designs fit perfectly into your everyday wardrobe, versatile elements for you to play with and become expressions of your individual style.

Why Doodles? I love doodles because they are a dynamic and spontaneous way to respond and experiment with the world around us - a perfect means to make the ordinary interesting.

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