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Our prints reimagine the ordinary into the interesting and become a means for individuals that believe in the creative life to express their wonderfully unique selves.  

Welcome to the OST of a #HathiLife

Curated playlists by Hathi and the #HathiTribe specially for you to enjoy, no matter where you are.

Just like a life well lived, our playlists have all shades of moods. Listen to them anytime, because life is always ON!

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Every print of Hathi is a hand-drawn doodle, hand-printed on fabric. A piece of art for you to make your own.

What inspires our prints? It's the everyday and the ordinary, we just like to look at them differently :) 

Do you?

In a sea of flowers, we'd probably be the bee! Through our prints, we are a means for you to express your uniqueness without having to shout it out!


At Hathi we create unique print focused products in our attempt to offer eclectic designs to a creative audience. Our original prints are rooted in creativity, positivism and joy. We like to look at the ordinary and the mundane with playful and tender lens.

Hathi is a tribe of creative individuals who choose themselves over the masses and form whom ‘creativity is a daily habit’.

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